Do I need an appointment or can I just call in?

We do prefer that you make an appointment; this is because we like to give you our complete attention when you are choosing your gown.

To do this we would book you a two hour slot for your first visit so you can relax and try on as many dresses as you like.

We will try to accommodate you if you walk in without an appointment but this is not always feasible.

Who should I bring with me?

It is always tempting to ask a large crowd of people who will have major roles in the wedding, but unfortunately everyone will have a different opinion.

Try to just bring the person you trust the most, that maybe your mum or even your best friend. These people will give you an honest opinion if you find you cannot make a choice.

When should I start to look for my dress? And when should I order?

The lead time on a wedding dress is normally 5 to 7 months depending on the designer.

We think you should start to look about 12 months before. If you find ‘the one’ on your first outing then order it! We will store the gown free of charge when it arrives and you can start to sort out the bridesmaids! Unfortunately the lead time for them is similar.

When will it arrive and when do I pay?

On a normal delivery we would expect your dress to arrive 2/3 months prior to the wedding. You will have paid 50% when you ordered the gown and the balance is due when the gown arrives.

You will be invited to a pre-fit when your gown comes just to check all is ok and at this stage you will pay the balance.

What if I need alterations?

We do charge for alterations and we employ one of the most experienced seamstresses in the area. But if you want to take the gown elsewhere we would be very happy to steam it for you to take.

What if I buy a dress and find out someone else is wearing the same?

Most of our designers give us quite a big area so you probably won’t encounter this problem, but if you know someone getting married in the next year let us know, then if she is a Dreamaker Bride we will take the dress out before you make your selection.

I am getting married abroad will you pack my dress?

Yes this is something we do a lot, we sell a cabin approved box into which we can pack your wedding gown.

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